New Pattern: Pangolin Socks

Pangolins are pretty special creatures. They’re the only mammals with all-over keratin scales and are believed to be the world’s most trafficked mammal. Although I have to admit that I’ve only heard of them because of the Ubuntu release named Precise Pangolin, which I didn’t realise was named after an animal until one of my colleagues pointed it out.

A young ground pangolin
A young ground pangolin Photo credit to Maria Diekmann of Rare and Endangered Species Trust

I named my newest sock pattern after the pangolin because of the cabled pattern reminiscent of overlapping scales flowing down the leg.

Pangolin Socks ©Rachel Gibbs
Pangolin Socks ©Rachel Gibbs

The unisex socks come in three sizes, to fit leg circumference of 8/S (9/M, 10/L)”/20 (23, 25.5) cm and feature a flap and gusset heel. This makes it easy to adapt for a high instep. The pattern has written and charted instructions, whichever you find easier to use and the digital pattern features bookmarks, making it easier to navigate.

Toes of Pangolin Socks
Toes of Pangolin Socks ©Rachel Gibbs

The pattern utilises transition charts to help the pattern move seamlessly into the toe and heel flap. The smallest size is made on a size smaller needles, due to design constraints.

Side view Pangolin Socks
Side view Pangolin Socks ©Rachel Gibbs

The sample is made in Phileas Yarns Explorer in the Reynisfjara colourway. This is unusual in being a black yarn that doesn’t hurt your eyes to work with. It’s a semi-solid yarn, but doesn’t have enough varigation to disrupt the cables.

Thanks to all my testers and my tech editor who helped make this pattern even better.

Visit the Ravelry pattern page here for more information and buy Pangolin Socks for £3.50+VAT directly here.

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