Piezoelectric Socks

Cables with twisted stitch diamonds the colour of amethyst, named after the property of quartz generating electricity under pressure.

Pangolin Socks

Cabled pattern reminiscent of pangolin scales down the leg and foot.

Total Internal Reflection

Zig-zagging cables separated by smocked panels. Inspired by fibre optics.

Gray Code Socks

Socks with a pattern based on binary code. This pattern is available free if you sign up to my newsletter.

Ginger Nut Hat

A twisted rib hat with a cabled band. It’s made from sport weight yarn and comes in two sizes.

Antwerp Socks

Part of The Diamond Collection. Antwerp is home to a large diamond industry. These socks have large diamonds down the front and small diamonds down the side in a sea of seed stitch.

Multifaceted Socks

Part of The Diamond Collection. These socks have cascades of diamonds down the front, flowing out of the ribbing and back into the toe.

Corundum Socks

Part of The Diamond Collection. Named after the mineral sapphires are made of, these socks feature an allover diamond cable pattern.

Regency Socks

Originally published in Knit Now, Issue 17 and 70 Beautiful Knits (a bookazine from Practical Publishing), now available from Ravelry. A heavily cabled pattern reminiscent of wallpaper patterns popular in the regency era.

Falling Petals Socks

Diamonds cascading down twisted cables cover these top down socks with a patterned flap and gusset heel.