In Praise of Chiaogoos and Karbonz

Needle choice is a very personal thing, and something that one person hates might well be what works best for someone else. A conversation on Twitter the other day inspired me to talk about my favourites and why they work for me. I used to be a big fan of KnitPro Symphonies, to someone who… Continue Reading: In Praise of Chiaogoos and Karbonz

Follow Your Arrow Clue 1 (spoilers)

I’ve finished Clue 1, just in time for Clue 2 to start tomorrow. I chose clue A because I thought it was a more interesting construction. I like that it’s fairly simple so far, but interesting enough not to be boring. My concentration levels aren’t great at the moment so it’s a good fit for… Continue Reading: Follow Your Arrow Clue 1 (spoilers)

New Year New Website

I don’t usually bother with New Year’s Resolutions, mainly because I’m atrocious at keeping them, but this year I decided that I want to talk more. So I decided a place to talk was a good start. I want to try and talk about what I’m knitting, thoughts about designing and general things that are… Continue Reading: New Year New Website