This Little Guiding Light of Mine

Today is World Thinking Day, the most important day in the Guiding calendar. It’s held on the 22nd February because that was Lord and Lady Baden Powell’s joint birthday and is a day when Guides all around the world think about each other (hence the name). It’s also the Big Brownie Birthday this year (100 years since Brownies began) so it’s extra special.

I’ve been reading tweets all day from people at the Celebrate event in London this weekend. 8000 members of Girlguiding have taken over Alexandra Palace and they’ve been trying all sorts of fun things – climbing walls, indoor zorbing, a silent disco. My young leader from my previous unit was helping to run things and I’m sure she’s had a great time and is now completely knackered.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the event in London, but I have a light shining in my window this evening along with other members of Girlguiding from all over the world. Guiding has been a big part of my life, I started as a Rainbow and never really left. It’s somewhere I know I will always find friends and people who know nearly as many silly songs as I do, although regional variations can mean we start of singing the same thing and diverge half way through, leading to some very confused girls (and leaders!).

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