Moving In

I moved into my new flat just over three weeks ago. I really didn’t want to move as I liked the old flat a lot, but the landlord wanted to sell so I didn’t have a choice. Most things are now out of the boxes (except I still haven’t found my swift and ballwinder which is annoying) and I’m slowly getting used to the new place although it’s going to take a while before it feels right. There are some advantages to the new place but there’s also a lot of things I’m finding difficult.

Good Things Not So Good Things
Central heating means I don't have to wipe condensation off the windows every day in winterTwo of the window panes are blown and I'm struggling to find suitably sized curtains I like
Space outside to dry washingNo tumble drier, airing cupboard or convenient space in flat to put airer
With a gas cooker I can still cook in a power cutI'm used to cooking on electric and I can't control the temperature so well on gas.
There's a loft I can hide my junk in, especially useful for the tentThe flat is smaller overall and there's no second bedroom for easily accessible junk
I can pick my own furniture so I don't have to put up with a too short, faux leather sofa that makes odd noises every time you sit downI have to wait eight weeks for the sofa to be delivered and fold up wooden chairs are really not comfortable for any length of time
The wifi makes it as far as the bedroom (and a firmware upgrade to the router means the phone and the laptop no longer chuck each other off)Pure Connect's listen again seems to be a week behind iPlayer
There's a better view and a garden I don't have to maintainI'm no longer just over the road from Asda
I introduced my mum to the wonders of sugru to fix the intercom which kept falling apartThere is a lot of work that needs to be done and most of it I can't do
I don't have to get dressed and go outside the flat to get my postThe arrival of the post tends to make me jump out of my skin

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